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Essential box donation

In order to support our community and those who are in genuine needs, we proudly bring to you this IGA Essential Donation.

A box containing some essential groceries will be given out every Thursday. This event will start with the winner of the first box announced on the 30th April and the last winner announced 21st May. A total of 4 boxes will be given out.

To participate in the event, simply nominate a person who is in genuine need on our facebook post. If you don’t have facebook, you can also email us, or tell us in person if you are able to come to the store.

As our objective is to support those in genuine needs, the eligible winner has to be either an elderly over 70 years old or be a holder of a current concession card. To ensure the eligibility of the participants, proof of ID or concession card of the nominated participant maybe asked.

In order to also ensure those who support us are supported, you can gain an extra entry for every $30 spent in our shop.

For more details, please see below our FAQ.


 1. Am I eligible?

The event is open to individual who require assistance. Only elderly over 70 years old or concession card holder are allowed to enter the event

2. How do I enter?

You can enter by like and share our post, then comment on the post the person you nominate to receive the box. This will be one entry

3. Can I have more than 1 entry?

Yes. You gain an entry by every $30 dollars spent in our shop.

4. Do I have to physically shop at your shop to get 1 entry?

An extra entry will be given to individual who spend more than $30, regardless if you shop physically at the shop, or through an online order or delivery.

5. Why are some people allow to have more the 1 entry?

We would like to support as many people as we can, but we also want to make sure those who support us are supported

6. Can I win a box again next week?

Unfortunately you can only win once. As we would like more people to benefit

7. I am not eligible to enter, but can I nominate someone else?

Yes you can. As long as the individual who is nominated to receive the pack is eligible. ID maybe asked to check eligibility. For example, you can nominate your parents or grandparents or even friends who need help

8. Can I nominate more than one person?

Yes. You can nominate as many people as you want

9. Does it even me more entries if I am nominated by more people

Regardless of how many people nominate you, it will still be just 1 entry. The only way to add more entries is by shopping with us

10. What are in the pack?

The pack consist of groceries items that are considered essential

11. I don’t like or I don’t need what is in the pack. Can I swap with something else?

As this is a donation/prize, we are unable to cater for everyone’s preference. We ask that if you don’t want what is in the pack, please kindly donate them to someone else who need them

12. How do I collect the prize?

We can organise the box to be delivered if you live within our delivery range. If you live outside our delivery range, you will have to present to the shop to collect the box. If you are unable to leave home or not recommended to, you are welcomed to nominate someone else to collect the pack. Please provide us details of person who will collect the pack and ask them to bring their ID with them.

13. When do I need to collect the pack?

The pack needs to be collected before the next draw. Pack uncollected at the next draw will be given to the next winner.

14. Why am I being asked for my ID or concession card?

This is to ensure that you fit into the eligibility requirement. If you are unable to prove that you are eligible, you will not entered into the event.

15. Is it safe for me to present my ID?

The purpose of presenting your ID is only to prove your eligibility. We do not use your ID for any purpose other than that.

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